delicious desserts…

ImageAt Hannah Dulcie, luxury lingerie we name our ‘Loved by‘ Collections with girls names, often symbolically, for example this season collections design was influenced by iconic women such as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot…hence stories were named ‘Loved by’ Marilyn, ‘Loved by’ Sophia….

…but I have to admit, I do admire Mimi Holliday’s innovative naming of stories, season after season. Currently its Cocktails, and we can see why, with the bright beauties on offer this season. SS11 The names were in French, and sounded perfectly romantic over the Christmas period. My favourite however were last seasons selections, I can’t be sure its not to do with my own sweet tooth, but lingerie named after desserts just seems to me so fitting. Like lingerie, desserts are an indulgence and a treat, often perceived as a naughty one. Of course the dessert is the most playful course on a menu, bouncing with colour, wobbly, even and exudes temptation and naughtiness. Designer lingerie is always a treat to buy, as with all lingerie but investing in a lingerie set called Creme BruleePanna CottaMacaroon or Meringue, for me, completes the whole retail experience like icing on the cake. Not only for the connotation, that season, the colours were divine, in pastels, Champagnes and polka dots…edible!

Have you bought your Mimi Holliday dessert yet?

Love Miss Dulcie



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