Its that time of year, new Mimi collections are due in store and my excitement brews… I reflect. Not until August. I still have SS12 Mimi to Salivate over and there are, I’m sure, a few stories I haven’t yet bought into. No matter how much time you spend surrounded by Mimi Holliday, each week you find fresh fascination with a particular story. I fell in love with and bought Coco Loco last week because I simply couldn’t stop dreaming about those tiny coral bows agains’t rock’n’roll leopard print, so I bought the bra with the hipster knicker, as it sports coral satin sides, divine!
So you get your fix. It lasts a day. My eye has now been caught by Pina Colada. I already have Kamikaze, a very similar colour way, both exotic pink and acid yellow, only I’ve fallen for the boyshorts that come with the Pina Colada story. I love the way it looks like a french knicker from the front but peaters off to a thong behind, a lovely touch. My weak will power is evident the moment I open my lingerie drawer in the morning – it bursts with Mimi in its colourful glory, like opening a drawer full of exotic fruit. And the beauty of it is, just as fruit never stops tasting good, this lingerie never fails to make me smile, I rotate the styles I wear, sometimes coming back to a really old Mimi story…its like discovering a favourite CD from your teens, or paper money at the bottom of your bag! Rather than tiring of it, you probably hold more affection for those very first pieces you purchased, wearing them only on special occasion to saver the delicate silk.
I wonder just how many people have a drawer full of Mimi Holliday, and love every piece of it as much as I do…?


Miss Dulcie



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June 22, 2012 · 10:09 am

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