We love Liberty (all over again)

We love Liberty all over again, and this time it’s shoes. And we actually think that they are the perfect accompany to our Loved By Liberty knickers…

Picture the scene, it’s warm summers morning (let’s call it a Sunday-it’s the best day of the week after all) and you slid out of bed, leaving your other half asleep,  pop on a pair of our Liberty print knickers and head downstairs to make the coffee. And then inspiration strikes!

Why not use Womanly Charm & Powers Of Persuasion to bag yourself that new handbag you’ve been after? Also known as the Guilt Trip.

Step One: Make the coffee.

Step Two: add toast into the mix.

Step Three: arrange this all nicely on a tray and as a finishing touch add a freshly picked flower of some sort.

And here’s where the Liberty shoes come into practise. Because, I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that Step Four of Womanly Charm & Powers Of Persuasion will involve you getting back into bed (what you do probably depends on how much you love your other half and how expensive this new handbag is) and lets face it-nobody likes dirty feet in bed. So pop on your Liberty shoes, pick the biggest, brightest flower you can find and head upstairs to surprise your lover. Voila! New bag!


Miss Dulcie


P.S. Of course, you are all independant, head strong women, who dont NEED a man to buy you anything, but it is nice every once in a while to get it as a gift right?


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