Underwear as Outerwear

Now that the glimpses of sun are getting more frequent, those of the more prepared of you will have started to think about what to wear when it finally does get a little warmer. This is where the ever lasting underwear-as-outerwear trend comes into its own. Yes you can wear the fail safe silk cami/wool jumper and jeans in the winter but as the summer time comes around the warmer weather permits you to be a bit more adventurous. 

We have a couple of long line bras from Mimi Holliday and Fleur of England, which look great worn with a high waisted skirt or trousers. If that sounds  a bit too daring for you, try throwing on a lightweight cardigan that can be buttoned up in a couple of places to make you feel a little less exposed.

Another option is to show off your favourite bra by un-buttoning your shirt one button extra than you usually would, giving a naughty glimpse of silk and lace without looking too over the top. For this I would recommend making sure that your bra isn’t too see-through to make sure you avoid any nipple flashes.

Silk slips are a great investment as they can be worn with leggings and heels for  a dressy look or teamed with ballet flats and layered with a plain cotton t-shirt over the top for a more casual look. If your slip is sheer then a basic nude or black slip worn underneath will do the job of keeping your modesty intact. 


Miss Dulcie



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