Kelly Brook


You may have seen the new Kelly Brook for New Look range of lingerie by now. I have, and have two things to say about it. They are: Kelly Brook=HOT. The lingerie=Not. Let me elaborate.

Kelly is a babe, let’s face it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad photo of her. She’s had the normal share of “too fat” and “too thin” as well as the whole “fake boobs” thing, but when we  get down to it, ladies and gents, the fact remains that she is a stunner.

This lingerie on the other hand…ergh. I KNOW it has to be affordable, after all it is New Look, and so affordable means using polyester instead of silk etc., but I find the whole thing so…boring. Nothing new and the same as any other high street lingerie line. I wish one of them would pull up their socks and create an amazing range. I’m sure H&M are capable, considering what they’ve achieved in their past designer collaborations. “Jean Yu for H&M”, now THAT I would love to see. And yes, I would be one of those people camping outside the Oxford Street store the night in advance! xx


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