This Week

So after the deary-ness of Blue Monday, it’s time to let you now what’s happening in Hannah Dulcie land. The short answer is: A LOT!

Yesterday saw the arrival of our new intern, Aisha, who is super talented and enthusiastic, and I’m sure she will fit in here really well. (Although having an Alicia and an Aisha working here may get a little confusing on the name front!).

In terms of business it’s a very busy week for us, we are chock-a-block full of important meetings regarding new opportunities and ideas for us, which is all  very exciting.

We are also busy making up new designs and fulfilling orders for our Limited Edition range, which is on sale on the website now and we are expecting our S/S12 Mimi Holliday collection to arrive any day now, which incase you haven’t found out yet,  is available up to a G cup!

Another exciting thing happening this week is the final details of our A/W12 collection to be confirmed with the factory, so we can place our order and have it ready for you and our wholesale contacts in time for the autumn.

And lastly, some of the HD team are moving house in a few days, so removal vans and what not have to be squeezed in somewhere too.

“How do we do it all?” you may be asking…with a large glass of red at the end of the week – that’s how! xxx



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