Help! I am being stalked by a bra.


You know the feeling. Butterflies in your stomach and wobbly legs. Well I am in love. With a bra. And not only that but I think it’s fate. Before you fall on the floor with laughter let me explain.

There is a bra, by La Perla. Not just any bra, but a non-wired sheer mesh with triangle panels that cover the nipples bra. And it is AMAZING. Seriously, I think it may be the most amazing bra IN THE WORLD (well, until next season anyway).

And here’s where it gets strange. Before I became part of the Hannah Dulcie world (it was a sad time back then) I tried on this amazing bra, but didn’t buy as I had already used up my self allocated lingerie allowance for that month.


Que a few weeks later when I was on my first day at Hannah Dulcie, and ohh what’s that I spy? No…it can’t be….but YES, yes it is…that wonderful bra again. I stroke it, I arrange it neatly on the hanger, I direct customers towards it *don’t buy my size, don’t buy my size* but STILL I hesitate in buying it, for fear that if I start spending my earnings in this very beautiful lingerie shop that I work in that I will never stop.

But recently, something very strange has started to happen. Everywhere I go on the internet I am getting adverts from La Perla from that bra. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but it’s slightly freaking me out.

I think I just need to buy the bra.

YOU can buy it here (but not in my size please)


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