King of Hearts

The summer has up and left us, acting like a cheeky fling that didn’t last long and wasn’t that special …but nonetheless sorely missed. As the nights draw in and the general public become evermore grumpy I cannot help but notice the amount of SBU’s (Seasonal Break-Ups) that have emerged. I have listened to friends, family, colleagues and overheard strangers talking about losing love and broken hearts.

Just as autumn leaves curl and tumble to the ground, failing relationships seem to fall alongside them and we are left with a collection of broken hearts during the winter months. During the break-up period we tend to think of women as being the emotional half of the equation and men appear as the more rational, collected creatures.

Speaking from experience and having had a horrible broken heart, the one thing that I believe most women want to know is “Why isn’t he hurting as much as I am?”

The November issue of Glamour magazine served as a mini revolution for me, a revolution in the form of the beautiful James Corden’s “Men have feelings too” article. Corden speaks up about men’s inability to show emotion but the truth that men hurt just as much as we do

   “Deep down, when things really matter, we all act the same…He may act like                       he doesn’t care, but he does. He just may not be able to express it.                                          The truth is that if a man is capable of love, he’s also capable of having his                             heart broken. He may not cry on the bus or run into the toilets at work, but                         believe me, sometimes he wants to

James acts as a mouth piece for any of the men that have ever confused you. Understanding that men cannot express emotion as readily as women doesn’t make everything right, but it clears up a few ruddy question marks! As the digital age begins to take over every aspect of our lives I question whether people are more comfortable voicing their emotions and opinions through the form of status updates and tweets as opposed to facing real life truths and human interaction. I hope this is just a passing worry…

James, King of hearts, you have mended thousands of broken hearts with your honesty…we salute you.

      “In my experience, your heart is only ready to love once it’s been broken,                               because it’s only then that it can understand what love is”

Follow this beautiful sausage on Twitter and snap up his autobiography “May I have your attention, please” asap…









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