Paradise in Ilha Grande

Im sure that 99% of the UK would agree with me when saying that summer has been an utter flop this year. Caught between a schizophrenic battle of the elements most English folk have been lucky to sport so much as a farmers tan. On rainy “summer” days I cannot help but cast my mind back to the motherland of paradise that I experienced in Brazil. I was lucky enough to board a fishing boat 3 hours south of Rio that took me to the understated Island that is Ilha Grande. Approaching the Island one would think they were stepping onto the shores of a wild forest and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong.
Ilha Grande is untouched by the destruction of man, with no tarmacked roads, no cars and no ATM’s Ilha Grande teaches each inhabitant about the importance of relaxation. Clutching my rucksack and my budgeted cash I arrived to a shore of latin music, talented artisans and beaming locals.
Without the noise pollution of traffic and stress of money each day is a true blessing, waking to the sound of the sea pawing the white sand. You realise after a few hours that Ilha Grande is YOUR island and you make of it what you chose.
Take a boat to the beautiful shores of Lopes Mendes, treck to any beach that you wish or scarper into the jungle to search for the illustrious waterfall. Getting lost on the island is recommended, stumble accross inquistive wild monkeys, feed the tropical fish or swing from the majestic forest canopy.
Either way, unlike the never ending demands of life in the UK, Ilha Grande is a school of serenity. If you are ever stuck for hoilday ideas, you will never forget a visit to the enchanting Island of Ilha Grande.


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