Pillow talk…

My Dulcie´s…between camping in the desert, gruelling bus journeys and general wear and tear I have neglected my blog outlet. It has been a while but since I last wrote and one main issue has arisen…PILLOW TALK.

We all know that a lady needs a sensible amount of sleep in order to feel fabulous the following day. To my dismay getting any sleep has proven extremely difficult recently.

Whether it be a snoring grunting or throaty snoorer, raucous 18 year olds or a gabble of loud speaking fellow travellers in your dorm at 3am….RESEPCT MY RIGHT TO SLEEP.

Since travelling around South America and meeting people from different nations I accept that England may not be the perfect country but on trhe whole we are respectful and polite. THIS is a trait that has been missing in many people. So keep the home fires burning and enjoy your snoozes!



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