Since setting foot in Brazil I was astounded by the difference between British men and South American men. Unlike the British male species none of the men I have encountered have needed alcohol or a flock of friend´s to give them confidence to approach women. I´m not talking about approaching women in a seedy or sexual way, simply an inquistive and friendly way. Whether you are on the beach, reading a book in a cafe or sitting on a bus Brazilian men seem far more confident and charismatic than British men.
I can´t help but think about the relative simplicity and clarity within relationship´s here, if a man think´s a woman is beautiful…he tells her. Men and women seem so much more open to show eachother affection. The British travellers I have encountered have agreed in saying that British men lack the confidence that South American men have. It seem´s to me that many men (and women) in the UK refrain from being too forward and open with members of the opposite sex when they first meet them. Although I respect this trait, I cannot help but contemplate the lost words and missed opportunities that this mannerism entails. For me, it´s so refreshing to be in a continent that is so dynamic in it´s approach to socialising. For now, I will soak up this continent´s raw honesty and charisma…and hope that men in the UK take note of the South American charm!


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