More or less in Rio?

The shores of Rio are bursting with energy, colour, sexuality and confidence. Copacabanca beach is the most captivating place to be in comparison to any other British beach. This is not because of the weather (or the Caprihinis!) but the Brazilian attitude to their bodies.
In Brazil the female body is celebrated, EVERY size is celebrated. Rather than covering up their bodies with a big pair of swimming bloomers or a bandeau bikini these women embrace the beautiful shape of their bodies with teeny weeny itsy bitsy bikinis.
I tried out a Brazilian bikini on Thursday, at first I felt both self conscious and nervous but soon I felt liberated by the experience!
Nobody has a perfect body and if they do its beacause they have laboured and toiled over it. Its so refreshing to be in an environment that embraces every inch and curve of your body. Long live the Brazilian bikini…..I wonder if the craze could spread to the UK?


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