Winter blues…

The beginning of every year has forever been synonymous with the winter blues. It is a season in which even the most gregarious of individuals can become engulfed by the seasonal curse. This natural blue is unavoidable, contagious and in my humble opinion downright unnecessary.

However, amidst the formidable doom and gloom of these months I treasure the rare moments whereby I witness a ‘secret smile’. We have all witnessed this curious act, whether it’s a passer-by on Milsom Street or a passenger on the train, a solitary stranger with a grin upon their face is an utterly intriguing and endearing sight.

In a rainy city these glimpses prove full of mystery and excitement. One cannot help but wonder the secret behind ‘that’ smile. In the fashion world every female has one trustworthy garment that brings out their secret smile. Be it your vintage Fendi, little black dress or your loyal Dior lipstick, we all own an item that brings out our inner Miss Fabulous. The beauty of this idea is that only you know what is making you feel magnificent…nobody else.

In an age where most people’s social life, relationship status and memories can be monitored by social networking sites I cannot help but ask: what happened to the sovereignty of secrets?

Luckily, the most beautiful secret that women are blessed with is the power of underwear. Regardless of the weather, occasion or company any female can slip on her favourite lingerie and feel invincible. After researching this article both men and women confessed to their belief in the correlation between underwear and mood, one gentleman insisting that starched Y fronts changed his life. So, whether you wear the Lascivious Milla bra and matching thong underneath your lab coat, Hannah Dulcie’s frilly knickers beneath your summer dress or Mimi Holliday’s Paradis set beneath your LBD…it’s your secret.

So brave the January blues and treat your inner Miss Fabulous. You never know, it could be you turning heads on Milsom Street with a secret smile….are you hiding ‘the’ Bordelle dress underneath that trench coat?

….It’s a secret


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