Cupid’s chokehold



To some, the build up to this annual festivity is akin to the dread of a dental appointment, to others it is considered to outshine Christmas. I am of course talking about…Valentine’s day.  Unlike Christmas, February 14th remains an emotional battlefield. Some welcome cupid’s archery skills with open arms, others (like myself) snap that arrow in half and throw it straight back at that irksome cherub.

Amusing as the conflicting attitudes towards Valentine’s Day are, I cannot help but question the importance of acceptance. Traditionally the 14th is the only day of the year that celebrates ones love or secret admiration for another. Forgive my sentimentality, but in a world plagued by social and economic differences, can’t we just give a little love?

   As a single lady, I cannot help but dread glimpsing at the impersonal and generic heart shaped box of chocolates or “To my boyfriend…” hallmarks. But is that simply because I’m single and inevitable bitter? After all, who is to say you must be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day?

  Instead of feeling bitter, can we try accepting Valentine’s at face value? Let someone know that you love them, whether it’s a long lost friend, your darling mother, or yourself…give a little love. What could be more personal that the comfort and luxury of lingerie. Leave your best friend an anonymous envelope of Stella McCartney Valentine knickers, your mother the latest Kimono from Fleur of England’s Tease collection, or yourself a pair of bespoke “I love me” Hannah Dulcie knickers.

Ultimately, if being single is the reason you dread Valentine’s Day, my dear friend… turn off that romantic comedy, slip on that Bordelle set, grab those heels and head out for some cocktails. I can assure you, Valentine’s Day has never felt so good!



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